Why you Should Change to Low Carb Diet?


Carbohydrate is a group of organic compound present in foods and living tissues, comprising of hydrogen and oxygen, in the ratio as 2:1. These compounds can be broken chemically by the body in certain biochemical reactions to harvest energy which is used in all functions of body including the movement of muscles and other actions that we do in everyday life.

Types Of Carbs

There are types of carbs. All are not equal. They are broadly classified as:

  1. Sugar: these are short-chain carbohydrates found in foods. These are those which we called as sugars, like sugars that added in honey, syrups, fruits juices, vegetables.
  2. Starch: it is found in foods that come from plants. Carbohydrates that are present in bread, rice, potatoes, etc.
  3. Fiber: these carb are found in the cell walls of plant foods. Unfortunately, humans cannot digest this kind of carbs. But gut bacteria can make use of them. This kind of carb, after consumption, contributes to the bulk of stools as it is cannot be digested or absorbed. Examples include vegetables with skin, pulses, wholegrain bread, etc.

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Carb – An Important Food

Carbohydrate is the main component of our meal. In Asian countries, the main food item that most of the people eat in their daily meal is rice. Carbohydrate should be taken to get energy. But there are some black sides of carbohydrate. Firstly, you may heard that diseases like diabetes occurs due to rise in sugar level in the blood. This sugar, as I said above, is one type of carb. So, carbohydrate is one of the contributing factor in diabetes. Although the truth be told, diabetes occurs either due to excessive immune reaction and subsequently death of insulin secreting cells or insensitivity to insulin hormone which is responsible for the control of sugar level in our blood. Secondly. If too much carb is taken and if this much carb is not required at this time, there will be storage of carb in our body in form of fat. Thus, there is increase of fat when there is increased consumption of calorie than what is required. The foods that contains carb is much more easily available in our market and easy to grow and our culture, foods, economy, family, surroundings, taken all at once, foods containing carb are mostly available to us. Eventually, the carb become very important ingredient of our meal.

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Why You Should Change To Low Carb Diet

Why Carb Diet Should Be Taken

As carbohydrate is energy giving food, you cannot exclude it. In fact, all the food components are  required. This is why, it is always advised to take a Balanced Diet. So, you cannot completely exclude carb from your meal. So, what you can do is to regulate and control the amount of carb. Before going to the amount, we must concentrate why low carb should be taken.

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But the question remains – Why you should change to Low Carb Diet. Firstly, carb cannot be excluded from your diet as it gives you the basic energy. You need this energy to move your muscles, to go to school, college, office, to study, etc. So, it is needless to say, you cannot give up taking carbohydrate. So, carbohydrate is must. That is why, we take carbohydrate in form of rice, wheat, everyday. But, if the amount of carbohydrate is much more than required then this carb may get converted into other nutrients like fats. Not only this, there may be some hormonal problems while taking high carb diet.

Why High Carb Is Harmful

High carb is harmful due to many causes. First is Weight gain. Diets containing high carbohydrates can results in weight gain, as compared to diets with the same amount of energy or calories but lower carbohydrate levels.

When you eat carbohydrates , there is secretion of insulin, the hormone that is responsible for controlling the level of sugar in blood . If this occurs in high amount and for long time, there may be development of insulin resistance, which can cause fat accumulation in your fat cells. So, this means only fat consumption will not cause you fatty. Even carbohydrate consumption may also lead to fat accumulation. Secondly , the insulin resistance, I said above, can lead to Type 2 diabetes. Specially, the foods with high glycemic index, can lead to insulin resistance more easily. Obviously, there are many factors that contributes in the development of diabetes, like, genetic factor. In today’s time, our most of the work becomes mental work. The physical hard work has become less, so, the same amount of food give us more stored energy as our energy expenditure has come down. This means, one plate of rice is resulting in more stored energy than ever. Now a days, fast foods like burger provides us more calorie respective to the hunger. We are not satisfied with only one burger rather we take a coke with that and may be more. But, biologically, one burger is enough. Those extra foods and coke, obviously, gives you stored energy more and you develop fat and become obese.

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How Much Carb I Need

It is recommended that you need little over half of your diet is carbohydrate. But there is a division. A third of your diet should be made up of starchy foods, such as potatoes, bread, rice and pasta, and over another third should be fruit and vegetables. So, this must be the distribution of your carb diet.

The good carb from which your body will never be insulted are Vegetables, Whole fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grain, tubers, etc. But all these must be in good amount. Not it should be less and also not it should be more. You should be calculative while eating. Obviously, enjoy your food but our intellectual consciousness of amount should be present and those foods that may harm in long time may be avoided like sugary drink like coke, sweetened beverages, ice cream, pastries, cookies, candies, chocolate, french fries, etc. This does not mean you must not take once. You can take one day in a 6 months period. There will be no problem. Even a little more can be taken. But the dedication from your end is important and will ultimately keep your health a healthy one.

These are the explanations that can clearly tell that why you should change to low carb diet.

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