Which is the Best Exercise for Heart?


In Today’s life, keeping the heart healthy is very important. There is a rise in cardiovascular diseases throughout the world. In earlier times, it was western countries which were attacked by cardiovascular diseases. But since this decade, it has been seen that the eastern countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, also attacked by cardiovascular diseases. There is a rise in number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. After investigation, it has been found that the rise of cardiovascular diseases occurred due to the changes in our lifestyles and also the changes in our occupation. Today more and more persons are involved in desk jobs from doctors to engineers; all are involved in desk jobs. Even the acquisition of manual works by computers is also one of the biggest factors in this. Not only that, today we have so many applications of technology. Like for everything, we got some appliances to do the home keeping work. Even if we are hungry we can go online and order some foods or for buying some clothes, we can order them. So, we do not have to go outside every time for everything. So, the amount of activities has been reduced drastically. But on other side, the foods have become more calorie laden and fat rich which provides you enough calorie but comparatively do not satisfy the hunger. So, you do not stop with one item and go on taking another and more. This results in taking more consumption of calorie at once.

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So, all these can affect your heart in the long run. That is why, you should take counter measures even if you have nothing. So, before you have some problem, you should take some precautions which may ultimately reduce the burden on cardiovascular system and reduce the chance of developing such problems in the future.

For making your heart a healthy one, you should start Aerobic Exercises

Which Is The Best Exercise For Heart?

Why Aerobic Exercises

Firstly, you need to know what these exercises are and how they are different from others. Aerobic exercises are those which generates energy and sufficiently supported by aerobic metabolism.  Although both the Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises are good but only aerobic exercises does good to heart and vascular system. In Anaerobic exercises, there is no generation of energy, rather there is buildup of muscle mass. You can see or ask any muscle builder who does anaerobic exercises for building the muscles. They does those anaerobic exercises followed by aerobic ones because the anaerobic respiration in our body cannot provide us sufficient energy so aerobic exercises are done to facilitate aerobic respiration, resulting in some generation of energy. So, aerobic exercises must not be neglected and to keep heart going, aerobic exercises are the key.

Which One Are The Aerobic Exercises

Those exercises that are light and give you chances to breathe are the aerobic ones. For instances, spot jogging is one of the best aerobic exercises. They are also given to some patients having heart ailments. Those who should increase the compliances of the heart but should be over stressed.  Jogging or little running also comes under aerobic exercises but the sprinting does not come under aerobic exercises. Some of the names of aerobic exercises are spot jogging, mild running, sit-ups, spot cycling, etc. Simple walking is also a good exercise that comes under Aerobic exercise.  Zumba is also a good aerobic exercise but should be done in proper manner. Another very common aerobic exercise is swimming but it needs professional guidanz

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Problems With Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are mainly for the heart endurances and other cardiovascular maintenance. So, obviously it is not for the building of muscles. Usually, aerobic exercises are done for long time and for long days. It is very important to learn in proper manner. If you do sit-ups, there is a simple method to do this. But, you should not keep your whole back or position yourself in improper manner. If you do so then you can have back ache. So, if you do in improper manner and that is also for long time, you can really have some ache. That is why, in this kind of exercises, injuries are more common because the people without knowing the methods, carry out the exercises. Another thing is that you cannot expect to lose your fat with this kind of exercise. Because these exercises are not so heavy that it will make a significant loss of fat and reduce your weight significantly.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

Mainly, these exercises are meant to maintain a good health, specially the cardiovascular health. Actually, as you give some stress to body the heart prepares to get more stronger but in these exercises, you do not over stress yourself which is done in anaerobic exercises. So, the heart enlarges and get more stronger, red blood cells increases, resulting in more availability of oxygen to the cells, blood vessels become larger in diameter. In this kind of exercise, you give the body stress slowly and over a period of time. So, the body have enough time to change and adapt to the new situation. The heart, the vessels, red blood cells, their numbers ( in case of RBC) and their sizes (in case of heart and vessels) increases adapting to the new situation. More oxygen and blood is carried or supplied to different by increased number of red blood cells facilitating improvement of all kinds of functions including mental functions like cognition, reducing depression. This controlled and slow exercise also improves circulation, glucose metabolism, bone growth, etc.

Thus, doing exercises slowly and with proper oxygenation and in proper manner will give you many advantages. Even you can buy a treadmill or if you want to go economic, just do some spot jogging, spot cycling, move your muscles, rotate you waist or simple run or walk few kilometers. If you are young, you can do it more quickly and if you are old, do it for 1 hour or more. Do not stress yourself. This kind of exercise can be done even by the old, to keep their cardiovascular system in proper health.

Let us know what exercise you want to do…..



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