Which is Better, Yoga or Gym?


Yoga has its own and great significance in Indian culture, as this existed since the ancient pre-Vedic Indian period. Yoga is mentioned effectively in the holy epics of Hindus. This was practiced and thought since the early days. Yoga infuses the spirit with positive energy, benefits the mind and body as well whereas the gym does not do have any such benefits. This makes yoga a better preference over the gym.

Yoga has different meanings and in Sanskrit, the word yoga arises from the root yuj, (pronounced as yug) means “to unite”. According to sage Vyasa, who wrote the Yoga Sutras states that yoga means ‘Samadhi’ and as per Bhagwat Gita ‘Yoga is said to be equanimity’. ‘Yoga is a skilled training for maintaining the overall posture of the body.

“Be Healthy, Be Yogi”.

It is believed that the ultimate goal of yoga is to attain salvation, controlling the body and the mind, as well as overcoming it to release the sufferings, inner peace, and liberation. Yoga is in itself knowledge, a justified method and closely related to Hindu Samkhya philosophy.

Swami Vivekananda preached the yoga to the western world in the mid-19th century; he was also the first Hindu teacher to advocate and widespread yoga. He toured Europe, USA, and England and preached and taught yoga and created awareness to the western world.

In this modern civilized world where gym has become the trend, maintaining abs, biceps, and curves is trending, in that era; yoga has emerged once again after it lost its values and significance in the last few decades. Yoga has now dominated the trend of gym workouts and surpassed effectively across the globe reminding the generation of its importance. Yoga has now become a well-known business taking classes, giving training, distributing certifications, etc. all over the world earning in billion dollars.

The exceptional effort of the Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi has given the yoga a global exposure and recognition in the period where it was losing its values and significances to attain its right importance and is now globally celebrated as World Yoga Day on 21st June since 2015 after being established by United Nations General Assembly. The most common symbols of yoga are ancient sitting asanas with crossed legs like lotus pose (Padmasana) and Siddhasana.

Yoga has the ability to enlighten the soul and the mind connects to the spiritual universe and plays a significant role in relaxation and control of the mind. It also helps to tone your body, but whereas the gym primarily focuses on improving the body’s physical conditions. Yoga is a technique which cleans the inner soul, develops our body and keeps our mind in peace.

While you practice yoga, you focus on breathing, the posture, and the gaze. Any distractions should be tuned out. Yoga can even be practiced at the gym; on the other hand, the gym helps only to gain physical appearances and can be practiced only at gym centers.

The gym does have age or health barriers but yoga does not have any such barriers. In fact, yoga is used for treatment for diseases like Parkinson’s to cancer, heart diseases, asthma and it is therapeutic, old age-friendly.

Yoga includes meditation which relaxes all the stress and rehabilitates the brain, helps to regulate the proper circulation of blood to the brain and other parts of the body. Yoga helps to ease the breath, whereas the gym is a place where you are stressed due to over-breathing.

Yoga helps to ease of pains and aches whereas gym causes strain and stress over muscles and joints but yoga does the same very smoothly and lubricates them with yogic practice.

A gym is a place that needs proper routine and diet on the other hand yoga can be practiced whenever you are free and will to do and is not dependent on diet. This also makes us more active and alert than the gym. This comforts the body and helps us to have better control over the body and its organs.

Yoga connects oneself to his/her body and increases the flexibility and breathing habits, makes you more fit even in terms of strength and is healthier than going to the gym. In other words, yoga energizes the whole body.

Yoga does not require any investments as much as it is required in the gym. Gym workouts recommend to intake extra protein supplements and incurs other expenses of equipment’s as well, whereas yoga does not incur such expenses.

Yoga is a slow and steady process and can be done using your own body weight and without the aid of any external weights whereas on the other hand the gym is a faster process and is carried out using external weights.

The gym is more likely to make you feel like a failure if you are not able to do everything and attain a physique as you desire whereas yoga makes you feel accepted.

Yoga helps you to improve balance and coordination in the body. Yoga helps to control the desire for the want of food every now and then. This also has its own limitation but can be controlled at the points of need but the gym cannot be controlled in such vulnerable situations.

Yoga has minimal or zero chances of withdrawal effects due to its discontinuance but there are maximum and fair chances of withdrawal effects seen when you discontinue gym. The body might lose its tone and there may be an occurrence of body pains and soreness of muscles.

Yoga helps in fueling your body rather than filling your body, but the gym does exactly the opposite of yoga.

Yoga energizes all internal body systems but the gym gives the only outer physical look and makes the body tired, makes you feel hungry and has a craving for a heavy diet after the workout.

Confused about what to choose – yoga or gym? Surely, with this following information, we come to know that both have their own benefits but yoga is better preferred over the gym as yoga is more realistic and energetic. Yoga is not body freak whereas gym is body freak. Join together today to rejuvenate and enlighten yourself with yoga and connect yourself with your body and spirit. Build yourself with spiritual connection and control over your mind and balance it. Start the practice of yoga and be stress-free by relaxing your mind and body.

“Don’t think twice,
Be yogic, be healthy, and be wise”.


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