Is Mushroom Good for Weight Loss?



Mushroom is the body part of the fungus which is visible above the ground. This body part (mushroom as commonly called) can be sometimes edible. Some mushrooms are edible and some are not. Some mushrooms are poisonous. Edible mushrooms are not only good to eat but also have significant health benefits. Cultivated edible mushrooms are eaten in many forms of delicacies around the world. With over twenty species cultivable, mushrooms are commercially grown in about 60 countries like China, United States, etc. The species of mushrooms that are generally cultivated are Lentinula edodes, Agaricus bisporus, Pleurotus ostreatus and Flammulina velutipes. Many mushrooms are commercially grown and harvested. They are marked as safe and are eaten for their nutritional values.

In many countries like China, mushrooms are eaten every day and in many forms.

Why Mushroom is good for Weight Loss

Mushroom, recently, gained a name for its benefits in weight loss. But why? Because mushrooms are low in calories and also contain good amount of required nutrients. But surprisingly, they have almost no fat or cholesterol. Along with this wonder, mushroom is very good to taste and so is added in different cuisines all over the world. So, it is eaten quite frequently in many dishes. In the following sections, all about Mushroom diet secret is revealed.

Mushroom Diet: Where to buy and how to store

Mushroom can be easily bought from any market. If you stay in towns or if mushrooms are not available in the open market beside you house, then, you can buy mushrooms from supermarket or branded shops. Now a day, branded mushrooms are also available. Mushrooms should be stored in refrigerator, specifically in the open area or the main area of refrigerator. This will keep the mushrooms breathing and keep them fresh.

Personally, I prefer to buy mushroom from super markets or the branded ones. Because there are many species of mushroom which are not healthy for us. So, do not for confusion whether you can eat or not. You can depend on the branded mushrooms as they will sell the wrong species. In open market, the seller himself is not much educated about storing or eating mushrooms which may affect you in the long run.

Mushroom Diet: Health Benefits

Mushrooms are low in calories as I told before. It imparts almost no fats or cholesterol. So, it is beneficial in weight loss, for obese persons and also beneficial in cognitive impairment. About 92% of mushroom is water, so, it has little to none bad effects of mushroom in our health. On exposure to sunlight, mushroom can produce enough vitamin D. So, enough vitamin D is contained in mushrooms. Mushrooms are also laden with other vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid. Also contain sufficient amount of phosphorus. Apart from these vitamins, they also contain good amount of protein and iron significantly. When you cook mushrooms, the water in it (which is almost 92%) will get evaporated and hence the nutrients will be concentrated.

Mushrooms also contain anti oxidants. These are especially helpful in preventing the free radicals in our body and the injury caused by these free radicals. In the long run, this will prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Due to the nutrient combination and other health benefits, mushrooms are heavily used in weight loss program, given that, you choose a good quality mushrooms and store it in scientific way.

Fiber content is also significant in mushroom. So, eating mushrooms also have beneficial effect in keeping gut healthy. The bowel movement and habit also remain better with having mushrooms.


Mushroom Diet: Weight Loss

As the health benefits you can see in the above section, mushroom can be used as component in weight loss management. Many of the regimen or diet plan is present. You should remember the following points while choosing mushroom diet plan.

  1. You may have breakfast with white mushroom along with bread and green tea
  2. You can do lunch with mushroom rice or with mushroom curry.
  3. You can have other recipes with mushroom which are readily available on the internet.
  4. You can add more mushrooms in mixed vegetable recipes.
  5. Many delicacies are available like stuffed mushrooms, mushroom pasta, etc
  6. You can also have light diet on mushroom like mushroom soup. It is also beneficial for those who have digestive problems, sick people, aged persons and also for children.
  7. Simple steamed (at proper temperature and for proper duration) mushrooms are also nutritious and easy to cook.
  8. Try to have simple mushroom dish. There are lots of spicy and oily dishes of mushroom which contain unhealthy oils and spices that can have bad effects in your body like digestive problems or gaining weight.
  9. Do not have rice twice, instead have rice once. You can eat mushroom twice. One time with rice and another time with pasta or with something light diet.
  10. Try to have soup in the dinner. Do not take heavy diet in the dinner.
  11. Mushroom soup is better in dinner. Have this at least thrice in a week.
  12. Always chop the mushrooms into pieces. As it contain fibers and proteins, big chunk is difficult to digest for you. So, make the mushrooms into pieces before consuming.

The background of mushroom diet is that mushroom being high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, they can impart good nutrition to you and can replace the other foods, especially those fats rich ones. So, fiber makes your bowel movement regular and also satisfies your hunger while giving you no fats and fewer calories. The fiber and protein replaces the high carbohydrate and fat diet so you get much lesser calorie. This results in availability of less calories which can be stored. Thus, you lose calories more in a day and weight loss is enhanced. Apart from this, vitamin D gives bone strength. Do not think, you will feel weak if you lose weight. Instead, your bone strength will increase so you capacity to work will enhance.



You can search for Mushroom recipes on the Internet and cook by yourself. Try to buy from known source or known groceries and store in proper way (in the open part of refrigerator). Try to choose simple recipe (avoid those with extra oils and spices) and have some mushroom soups. You can also use black pepper. Mushroom diet can really help in your weight loss if you properly go for it. Be active and works the whole day (do not sit back and relax at home). Even mushroom can be good for boosting immune system, so, good for elders and children.

If you face any problem while having mushrooms or just after eating mushrooms, you should consult a physician or can visit emergency department of your nearest hospital. Generally, the edible ones are safer for all persons.

Before I wrap up, I would like to tell you the bottom line: Mushroom diet is the modern weight loss idea that you should try.

Let us know your vision on mushroom diet and share your experience if you already have tried.


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