How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus


Coronavirus, official named as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, SARS-CoV-2, is a zoonotic virus, that is, it arise in animals, mainly transmitted from human to human to cause a outbreak, during the end of 2019. Although still it is not clear, corona virus is said to be originated in China and in the end of 2019, caused an outbreak which had become huge outbreak till now, occurring in over 100,000 people and killing over 4000 patients. People all over the world got scared of corona virus and there are different facts roaming around about this virus.

corona virus in china

Here are some original tips on how to protect yourself from getting infected with this virus.

# Using Masks

This is one of the most heard tip to prevent corona virus. As it causes severe pneumonia or infection in the lungs, it is mostly transferred via droplets in the air. Now corona virus is found to be big enough to remain suspended in the air for long time. Although it does not remain in the air for long time, the time period for which it stays floating in the air, can expelled out through breathe or cough and enter another person via his breathing and ultimately infecting the latter.

# Washing hands and maintaining general hygiene

This is very important. As it is being said before, the virus cannot be suspended on the air for long time. So it settles down anywhere and everywhere. So, whenever you touch those objects, the virus is probably get on the skin. That also does not cause you anything. But when you eat something with that infected hand, the virus might enter your body through foods. This may lead to increase of viral load in your body. And if viral load goes over certain line then you will have the disease.

# Avoid First Contact

Remember, this virus can only come from another human, at least for now. So, the place where there might be some people who came from outbreak areas like China, Japan, Italy, Iran, etc, should be avoided. You should also avoid going to those outbreak areas and to those countries where the number of cases are high. And in general, always use masks while you are on long distance travel or if your travel plan include public places where there are too much crowds like airport, train station, etc.

# Check Yourself in Time

If you have any symptom like fever, cough, body ache, fatigue then you should take an appointment with a physician. Now these symptoms are present in any viral fever but in this time of outbreak, you should take extra care. If you feel feverish, you should take enough fluid to maintain the balance of minerals within your body.

# Overall increasing your hygiene

This will help you to keep yourself safe from everything, that is to say, any microbes including bacteria. Take regular bath, practice hand washing (that too in a proper way), clean your face regularly, clean your clothes daily. Use disinfectants to clean your home and on regular basis. Do not litter here and there and also encourage the whole community to keep the surroundings clean.

# Boost Your Immunity

Boosting immunity is long process but then also, it will benefits you. If you have stronger immunity then your body can fight with the virus more than ever. The viral load we discussed earlier, the threshold will increase and hence little load of virus will not give you disease and you will be strong enough to deal with this biological crisis. Do exercise, have some branded health drinks, eat good and nutritious foods and stay safe.

Anyway, one thing is to be prioritized, that is, prevention is better than cure. So, take steps to prevent this disease to reach you and take every necessary steps. Because the corona virus can cause severe pulmonary infection and it gives a lot of trouble in breathing and there is little lack of specific treatment. Effective care and medical attention is needed. So, in the midst of this outbreak, the above points can save your life easily.


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