Enhance the Function of your Brain


You might have never thought to respect your brain the way you do for your gut. But in reality, you need more care than any organ of your body. Your brain or neuron cells help you live, see, breath; every sense that you currently make it through your neurons. Therefore, not only you need to restore the same sense but keep it healthy and enhance the ability to concentrate, maintain a clear and effective mind. To keep yourself healthy in all perspective, you need to have proper maintenance of it and reduce stress as much as you can.

When we often eat and drink healthy, we also keep our conscious in a good position. And by taking initiates you can bring in more positive look for your overall health. Newer research conveys that mind and brain have connections with each other. If the mind be please and healthy, the body and the nervous system responds well.

Maintain the balance between mind and brain

To achieve a balance between the most superior agents of the body, you need to keep in the piece and do not fasten yourself with stress. Do a little bit of yoga and try cleansing the mind. A little exercise might help keep your body in shape and relax your soul. These lit bit of work done will help keep your head in a safe place prevent yourself from stoke, head injury and paralysis. If you realize any event of memory issues or unable to think properly or experience a fall then you must speak to a neurologist or your doctor immediately.

How food helps you stay young and healthy

  • Eat healthy to function your brain and body. The foods we take every has a big impact on the health and follow a structure to follow the nutrients from the head to other parts as well. The only thing we suggest is to have a brain-boosting diet even to your kids. Humans grow the mental health right from the age of when he or she first senses another human. The actual growth of the brain stats from the 5 years and mostly ends by adolescence. About 90% of the cells in your head develops during that phase. A healthy meal will support the long term function of your pretty head.
  • But the strangest thing is, the brain only utilizes 20% of the calories of the body per day. So, whatever you eat, you must have something good to keep your neuro cells active throughout the day. Some of the food is actually required for their nutrients and help built more neuron cells and also repair them when needed such as Omega-3 fatty acids like fish with low heat cooking, antioxidants like maccha tea or coffee which also helps relieve unnecessary stress. These are all related to ageing and also causes Alzheimer’s disease (a neurodegenerative disorder).

Therefore, some of the food is really helpful like dark chocolate, berries, nuts, fish oils, whole grains etc.

  • From now if your parents stop you from having chocolate, now you can show the example which actually profits your help as well as your taste buds. But always replace the type of sticky, salted or added sugar chocolates to a dark one.

Dark chocolates contain anti-oxidant properties commonly known as flavonoids from the cocoa or cacao. Also, there are other sources of anti-oxidants like Green tea. Currently, a new source has also come up with three times more anti-oxidant which is known as Maccha or Matcha.

Anti-oxidants like flavonoids help the brain growth and also protects from oxidative stress which is mainly seen in age-related brain diseases. Cacao also favors all the cells and encourage the neuron as well as the blood vessels.

  • Whereas other foods like fish oil have Omega-3 which is very essential and is commonly known as fatty acids. Now you might be thinking about how fish oil can help give someone with more intelligent life. Basically fish oils containing omega -3 fatty acids help form a layer known as a membrane over every cell in the body. These cells also cover up the brain cells and improve the structure of the cells. Studies show that people live nearby bay or in the continental places have better cognition and profound abilities to think. So, they found a connection between the omega-3 levels and their mental health activity by what they eat every day and how they eat it. It shows that more blood flows activate the neurons and rejuvenate the neurons whenever necessary. Fish oils are mostly found in fishes like salmon, tuna.

If you are a vegan or do not like fish then you can also get omega-3 by soybeans, seeds and nuts. Also, fish oils supplements are now available to give an easily made source but it must be taken as referred or recommended by your physician.

  • In case you do not like eating fish or fish-oils then the flavonoids with antioxidant properties are berries, which reduce inflammation, as well as minimizes oxidative stress. Some of the sources of berries are strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, mulberries and even blackcurrants. These not only boot brain help but also helps improving communication between cells. Helps boost memory as well as adopt new learning skills by the newborn, infants, children to all aged people.
  • Nuts and seeds are plant-based sources which also provide very good property to live a healthy and good life. These are a rich source of Vitamin E. It protects cells as well and relives unwanted tension. Vitamin E is a good source to rejuvenate neurons during old age. Some effective sources are a sunflower, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.
  • Apart from these, take lots of green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower in your meals, whole grains along with veggies, eggs during breakfast. When necessary, take vitamin supplements B-6, b-12. These not only help your health but also delays any cognitive diseases and protects form deficiency.
  • If you are not facing any deficiency or your related person may be your parents or your kids are perfectly healthy, then these supplements are likely to improve the performance of your brain. The habits like eating healthy and eating adequate, getting full sleep, during water as per your body requirements, exercising properly and regularly, reducing stress, doing meditation, not taking bad habits like alcohol, smoking, involving into too much stress work which does not require you, might help you improve yourself in every way. These above-listed options may help your the memory and concentration as well as reduce the chance of stroke and age-related mental illness, neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


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