Dandruff? Read This How to Get Rid of



Dandruff, a very common word that hovers in our daily life. Everyday we talk about this, think about this and most importantly, get disturbed by this. It costs us peaceful moments and sometimes, self respect in public occasion. So, let’s get into the topic…..

What is Dandruff

Dandruff is simply skin flakes of scalp. It is, basically, dead skin of scalp which get renewed every 2-4 days. Even our skin shed flakes but we rarely notice. It was said that most of the Household wastes comprise of our skin flakes. But the difference that occurs in case of skin flakes is that the flakes of skin does not get stick to each other, like scalp flakes. So, we can easily notice the flakes of scalp (dandruff) but not so in skin. In our scalp there are oil secretion. Due to this oil, large hair, dirt and pollutants (specially in humid and polluted areas), these scalp flakes stick with each other and form a larger noticeable flakes. It itches as it get detaches from scalp and it irritates the scalp and falls off as white dots, in large number.


Is It Normal ?

Yes, there is no abnormality in having dandruff. But, if there is too much dandruff, like you are always itching and no shampoo or anything can control it, then, it must be intervene with more medical ways. Because sometimes, there may be fungal infection in scalp and hair leading to dandruff. Now, you may unable to differentiate which is normal dandruff and which is due to fungal infection. Actually, as there is infection, the skin in the scalp dies sooner than their normal life expectancy so there is more frequent death of skin of scalp leading to more dandruff which does not get controlled.

So, if you have dandruff and have to use shampoo every 3-4 days, its fine. It should not be to much, a little itching is normal. But beyond this, that is, if you have dandruff less than 4 days and too much flakes and severe itching, medical intervention is needed.

Is it related To Hygiene, Foods, Weather?

No, it is not related to Hygiene. As I said above, it is Normal. But yes, hygiene plays a little role. In case, a person who does not take regular bath, the oil in the scalp does not get washed off. The oil that is secreted in our skin and scalp attracts dirt and pollutants from outside. It get there on the scalp and adds to dandruff forming. So, you can also find dirt particles along with skin flakes. So, taking regular bath will clear this oil and dirt and pollutants have little chance to make our scalp their home. Using of Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is also necessary in every 4-5 days or weekly twice. In some person, who have very little less dandruff, can use Anti-Dandruff shampoo once a week.

Yes, there are some foods that increases Dandruff. Firstly, you have to understand that Dandruff can occur in those scalp which are too oily and also occur which are too dry. So, there are foods which make our skin little more oily. Like foods rich in Omega-3 like tuna fish, soybeans, kidney beans, walnuts, flax seeds, etc. Among other foods includes dried fruits. These dried fruits may have highly concentrated sugars leading to increase of Insulin levels in our body. This hormonal surge leads to increase in oils secretion in our skin. Thus, this condition is ideal for fungal growth in our skin including scalp. Basically, the foods that contain more sugars in it can cause this. Instead eat more vegetables and normal fruits which contain healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants that can even lower skin oil and may also be beneficial for other condition like cancer.

Yes, weather is an influential factor in making of dandruff. In dry places, where atmospheric humidity is less than 60%, leads your skin to dry and dehydrated. Due to this, your scalp skin does not get required amount of water and simply, a living cell without water, can die out easily and quickly. This exactly what happens and there is more frequent appearance of dandruff. In hot and humid weather, there is more oil secretion which attract atmospheric dust particles and also allows the skin flakes to remain sticky. In cities, there are more pollutants. This causes more dandruff and more easily.

Ultimate Guide To Dandruff

Now, the most important part. Keeping my post compact, I need to say you this. I am a doctor of Western Medicine. We depend on Evidence to treat something and not just the convention. So, firstly, we need to know the cause of the condition. Similarly, I will ask you first, that, you need to understand and detect the cause of dandruff in yourself. Everyone’s dandruff is differently from others.

So, if you have dandruff, firstly, think these:

  1. The place you are staying in: whether it is hot region, cold region, humid or dry area. Whether it is polluted cities. If you are staying in polluted cities, you may have dandruff more often and more severe.
  2. The foods that you eat or consume: whether drink alcohol, eat sugary foods, etc. If yes, you may need to stop sugary foods or lessen it. No question of alcohol. It must not be taken.
  3. Your skin condition: some people have too dry skin and others have oily. Both can give rise to dandruff. If your scalp is too dry, apply some oils, must be hair oils. If it is too oily, need to use shampoo more often.

Some Ways To Kill Dandruff

  1. Use Anti-Dandruff Shampoo only. There are shampoos which makes the hair strong. These shampoos are for long hairs which easily falls off.
  2. In Polluted cities or areas, you can cover your hair with clothes or caps. Using caps may also increase your style and you will be looking so cool.
  3. Stress can also lead to dandruff. You should do so meditation and relaxation.
  4. Take more vitamins and anti-oxidants.
  5. Use Olive oil in scalp. Use shampoos also containing olive oil.
  6. If fungal causes are there, which actually confirmed by medical professionals, you should use Ketoconazole anti fungal shampoo.
  7. Shampoo of Salicylic acid are also beneficial as they slows down the life cycle of scalp skin cells.
  8. Do not use oils before going out
  9. If you sweat much, do not use caps or use hair oils less.
  10. You can use some natural ingredients for controlling dandruff like Apple Cider Vinegar.
  11. Comb your hair properly and if possible keep your hair short. Short hair holds sweats, pollutants, dust particles, dandruff much lesser than longer hair.
  12. In some medical conditions, there is more frequent dandruff, specially in skin conditions like dermatitis. In that case, it is better to visit a doctor and get confirmed the diagnosis.
  13. Do not use any cosmetic products or hair oil from anywhere. Use known brands. Sometimes, natural products causes more reactions. So, do not think, natural products means its all well. I have seen cases where the patient uses natural products and get more inflammatory reactions leading to more dandruff.


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