Can I Lose Weight by Running 30 Minutes a Day?


One of the biggest challenges of today’s health is losing weight. Many people tell their own views, opinions and many goes on reading articles one after the other. I have seen, today, the common man is confused with so many guiding articles and information throughout the Internet and magazines. But this website will give you some calculations and you can easily check those. Now, the topic of weight losing is so complex that you can never understand if you are not being taught in a proper way. Let’s start what it means, actually. There is a business in weight loss. What’s the business? The business of calories. You always have to measure how much you gain and how much you lose. Unlike real business, here, your motto should be, to lose the calorie. Weight loss depends upon many factors. The age, the activity level, nutrition, height, weight, occupation, gene, all these affect the weight loss process. Now the question is à Can I lose weight by running 30 minutes a day? This again depends upon the same factors I talked about above. But, this I can tell you obvious that 30 minutes a day running will obviously ease your weight loss process. If possible, you can increase the duration of running to 1 hour. This will obviously ease more but usually, we do not have time to spare 1 hour in a day.

It is a matter of understanding that the calorie (measurement of energy which is used to measure how much we have gained and lost energy which contribute to the weight) is gained by foods that we eat and lost by several muscle activities. It is to be noted that calorie is used up simply by sleeping or sitting or standing. But those losses are very insignificant compared to the gain of calorie which is done by eating foods.

Can I lose weight by running 30 minutes a day?

Now you even cannot imagine how much calorie you take every day. Usually, it surpasses the requirement and this is why we gain weight over time and become obese. I cannot give you definite chart describing the requirement of calories for you. But you can find many charts there on the internet. But the calorie requirement is heavily depends on the age, your height, weight, type of activity you do every day, etc. That is why, you can find many calorie calculator on the net. Roughly, I can give you some ideas. A 30 year old Male person who has Active work the whole day, needs 3000 Kilo calorie (note that I have mentioned calorie before but the energy requirement is measured in Kilo calorie). In similar way, 2200 Kilo calories is needed in case of a female. Now, for a particular person, it will obviously vary. There will be more variation depending upon the status of the person. Like, in pregnancy or lactation, there is be requirement of additional kilo calories from 300 to 650. Again, if a person is sick, he or she needs more energy than usual. So, it is very much individualistic requirement due to which you should go to a dietitian or nutritionist. Thus, this is a matter of realization and firstly, determining of the calorie is very much essential.

There are many exercises which you can do for weight loss. But there is no such time. Actually, only exercises will not be suffice to lose weight. This is because you have to understand some more perspectives. As I talked about calorie gain and calorie loss. This sense of gaining calorie and losing calorie is important. In a whole day, you should realize whether you are gaining too much calories or not. Obviously, you cannot do exercises at night time after you come back from your work. So, it is easy to do in morning time. Best exercise to do is to run. But, the same calculation comes in this matter also. How much you gain and how much you lose. For an instance, a person of 27 years old, 175 cm, 80 kg, running at 6.4km/hour for 30 minutes will run 2 miles or 3.2 km per day and can manage to burn 231 Kcal of energy. Now this is the amazing as well as surprising moment. Three piece of chappathi weighing total of 60 g will give 210 Kcal, which is almost equal to 231 Kcal that can be burnt up by the person of those parameters. Just to give you an idea, I have done the above.  Now obviously, you will work the whole day but now a days, our work has become too much mental work and the physical portion has decreased which caused the energy and fats t get accumulated. If we do more physical work, we can burn the stored fats as it will get converted into energy, try not to take more foods anywhere in the road or in the work. Take meals twice and eat full stomach. Eat more veggies, fibers, etc which are of low calorie and will contribute to your stool. Do not go for more spicy foods, oily foods and deep fried ones like French fries. Never miss the breakfast. Try to avoid sugar in tea or coffee. Never touch the coke. Always tend to walk rather renting a taxi or using bus. Eat more protein and fiber rich foods. These simple mantras will ease your weight loss. And the last one is running everyday for 30 minutes will not only help you to lose weight but also help you to use your muscles, make your joints more movable, give you a movable body and most importantly make you active minded, This active mindedness is very important as it will make you less lazy than ever and enable you to work physically more and more every time and eventually you will able to lose weight more quickly and significantly.

So, I suggest you to  use calorie calculator and chant those mantras along with running for 30 minutes every morning. If you wish to run at evening or night, its ok. But run, do not walk or sit or take rest during your running exercises. Another thing to remember is to reduce your consumption of foods. That will also important because if you run for few days, it may give you a feeling that you have enough done weight losing part, that will make you lazy and eat more. Do not think in that way, so, active mindedness comes into role. Be active, do your work by yourself, eat healthy and also keep yourself stress free.

Conclusion is that the above description can enable you to save time by not reading all misguiding and thousands of articles on the net. Please comment and let us know how you feel!

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